Include URL to pan to extent within story maps

Idea created by zweepj2 on Jun 23, 2017
    • mrosenberg57
    • Edwin.vanStee
    • 907126_rhdhv
    • jtmhoogenboom

    Create the possibility to include a link to another part of a map within the textbox of story maps.


    It is possible to link to webmaps or other websites. But it isn't possible to link to another extent within the actual map. For example in the Map Series - tabbed template. It is possible to show a web map with a certain extent by clicking on a tab. Another extent can only be showed under another tab or by dragging around.


    So when you have, say 10 themes / 10 web maps in 10 tabs it would be nice to have this option so that within a theme the user can click on a link that pans to a certain area for example for focusing a sub region with a specific plan development within that theme.


    See example picture.