Set default field values in popup config

Idea created by Georgie.Cassar on Jun 20, 2017
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    In ArcGIS Portal I am configuring popups for use in Collector forms.

    When configuring popups in a web map, It would be useful to set a default value for a field.

    I know that ArcGIS fetaure layers fields can be set with default values but I'm unsure if this filters through to Collector.


    DATE type fields are the biggest problem. 

    In collector, the main field we include across all our inspection applications is DATE_INSPECTED.

    Rather than the data collector having to manually enter today's date, a default date value would speed up the collection process and improve data integrity.


    I have tried making the date field not accept nulls but then it auto populates it with a date from a couple of centuries ago.

    I know I could set editor tracking but I think we need to set defaults on any field we want.