Launch Collector from Survey123 and pass attributes

Idea created by mbrueningesi on Jun 15, 2017
    Partially Implemented

    The idea is to have a Survey123 form open a collector map that is available on the device, then have it fill in some of the attributes within the pop-up window. This would be similar to the way we can transfer data from Collector into Survey123 through a custom URL schema.


    The thought would be to mimic the same structure that is used for Survey123. Meaning that the custom URL would be something along the lines of 




    The {XXXXX's} would equal the Webmap ID

    The {LayerID} would equal just that the LayerID within the webmap starting from the top of the Contents at zero descending

    The {field:MyField} would equal the name of the field that attributes are being PASSED INTO.

    The {MyValue} would equal the attribute entered within Survey123 for that question.


    The purpose would be to allow users to populate data into a Survey123 form to gather more of the tabular data, but then send some of the information to Collector and into a feature the form was filled out for. Hence allowing for the table population of polylines and polygons through a relationship built from a Unique ID being passed between the two applications.