Support for Alpha and related routes

Idea created by KanDOT on Jun 14, 2017

    RHUG_Status - Google Sheets#gid=966858983

    10/26/16 Will: A single route with a gap is another viable workaround (in addition to spliting into two routes) for fish routes. R&H current supports Lollipop routes. Fish routes require significant development effort to accomodate the various R&H logic, processes. FHWA has indicated that gaps along routes are not acceptable for HPMS. Some DOT's reporting event measure issues using the single route workaround. Will is willing to follow up on these issues and believes R&H should support. There is currently an overarching issue including various types of routes: Alpha, Loop, Branch, Fish, Lollipop, etc. / NC - R&H does not support fish routes. ADOT currently limits bifurcations in it's route system. It would be interested in native support from Roads and Highways as it would allow some "real world" route geometries to be modeled. From Agile docs: "The definition of good quality includes that there will be one and only one record per route, that the vertex measures will be strictly increasing with digitizing direction (for all LRMs), that no measures for a given route are ambiguous (for all LRMs), and that the route dominance rules are in place and working"