Add possibility to remove all "Match" columns when geocoding from ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap

Idea created by larselmkaer on Jun 8, 2017

    When geocoding addresses in ArcGIs Pro or ArcMap, the result will comprise of not only your own original data, but also a lot of coloumns that are related to the matching/geocoding process. It would be extremely helpful to be able to choose whether or not you wanted that data in your resulting Feature Class.


    The extra data not only clouds the original data but also enhances the size of the file A LOT.


    Furthermore when geocoding in ArcGIS Pro, the geocoding process adds "IN_" to some of the matching Field names and "USER_" to the original datas Field names... WHY? The Field names are named as they are for a reason, which is futile if ArcGIS Pro renames them anyway.. This does not happen when geocoding in ArcGIS Maps for Office or directly in ArcGIS Online.


    In ArcMap the geocoding process adds "ARC_" to some of the matching Field names.


    These functionalities should be remowed or at least made optional.


    N.B. This Idea is posted on behalf of a customer!