Offline functionality in Workforce

Idea created by ubecker_EMAGO on Jun 7, 2017

    I just tested offline capabilities in Workforce.  I was happy to see that, after having captured tasks assigned to me, I could put my phone in airplane mode and still access the assignments.  I could also still pull up Collector and capture data on a map that I had cached to my device (the data must be synced once back in online mode which is expected).


    However, what I could NOT do is capture any information in Workforce, like changing status of the work assignment to In Progress or Completed, in an offline mode.  I must wait until I am back in the office and online until I can do that.


    It would be great if I could capture status of the assignment while offline which I could sync after returning to civilization (essentially the same workflow as in Collector).


    Great tools...looking forward to enhancements over the years.  Thanks for the good work on these.


    workforce offline sync offline offline mapping simulate offline


    This idea is a duplicate of Allow working offline in Workforce app by Scott Prindle. Please consider voting and commenting there.