Nested Repeat tied to parent Repeat

Idea created by beasleyc on May 30, 2017

    I would like to create a Repeat group that has another Repeat group nested inside of it to organize notes about the main (parent) Repeat. However, currently when I nest one Repeat inside another, it acts independently of its "parent", i.e., like a separate Repeat that just happens to appear inside another one and its records are not associated with the other. When I toggle from one record to another in the "parent" Repeat, the "child" does not change with it.


    I attached a very rough mockup of what I'd like to be able to do. I want the nested "Feature" repeat to be tied to the "Horizon" repeat, so that each Horizon has its own set of Features. I would also like the appearance of repeats to be able to be set as stacked on one another, rather than having to toggle left and right to see each Horizon or Feature. Evaluating a soil profile requires viewing it as a whole. I know this may make for a lengthy vertical scroll, but the new pages/field-list style in beta should take care of this to some extent. You might also notice I incorporated a (very sloppy/uneven) grid style, as I'm excited to see that in development.