ArcGIS Pro Project Stopwatch

Idea created by mpschoelen0 on May 18, 2017
    • josephguzi
    • mpschoelen0
    • edneprine

    Currently, an ArcGIS Administrator can log into an organization's dashboard and see how much time each user has spent using ArcGIS Pro during a set period. It would be useful to have a similar function at the local level when dealing with projects.


    How it would work:

    • When a project is opened, the timer begins to count. The timer would stop when the project is closed, or during a period of inactivity. The resulting time data would be logged to the project metadata.


    This functionality would be useful for:

    • Time management for small organizations with multiple on-going projects
    • Accurate billing for one-off cartography jobs
    • Training purposes for new cartographers to understand how much time is invested in different types of maps