Restrict access to feature layers by extent/polygon

Idea created by fannonj on May 17, 2017
    Partially Implemented

    We have a requirement to publish some worldwide data as a feature service. However, we would like to restrict some users to accessing ONLY the features within their region from these feature layers.


    Using hosted feature layer views in ArcGIS Online it is possible to create a view which uses an attribute filter (for example region = 'UK'). We can then restrict access by creating a group for this region, sharing the view with the group, and then adding users in this region to the group. However, this is quite cumbersome where there are many regions and requires that all the layers have a 'region' attribute that is pre-calculated.


    A more flexible way to control access would be to use a specific extent or polygon to restrict access to the feature layer. This could be acheived in two ways:


    1) Add the option to have a geometry filter (in addition to an attribute filter) on hosted feature layer views.

    2) Add the option to specify a geometry filter at the group level, which would restrict access to all shared content to a specified extent/geometry.


    Option 2 is simpler to manage, removing the need for multiple views for each feature layer which would have different REST endpoints. All that a user would need is to create a group, specify the polygon extent and any users in that group would only be able access features within that extent.