Add a back button in footer on Survey123 Pages

Idea created by tom.rippetoe on May 4, 2017
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    In Survery123 v2.x, I would like a 'back' button added to the footer of all pages after the first page.  The dots that are added to the top of the form work fine on larger screens, e.g. iPads and desktops, but can be very hard to access when using a smaller screen phone. I am using a Samsung Galaxy 3 for my testing, and it's nearly impossible to use the dots at the top of the screen (successfully tapping the dot seems more a matter of random luck than anything else). Other users within our test group have experienced the same problems when using their phones. 


    This is particularly frustrating when submitting a form and there is a validation error on a previous page. The desired 'validation error' message is displayed, but you can't get back to that previous page to fix the error. Our work-around is to exit the survey, save to drafts, then restart the survey - which begins at the first page.  


    Thank you.