District Lookup Widget - Zoom Scale with overlapping Features

Idea created by jnettle1 on May 4, 2017
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    I ran into an issue with the district lookup widget when it comes to looking for districts with overlapping boundaries. Our school districts boundaries have overlapping features. So Elementary school, middle schools and high school boundaries overlap each other within one unit school district. When you search an address it list the 3 districts within that address in the results panel but it does not zoom to that address. If I filter it out to just show middle school districts and I search and address, It zooms right to it. I talked with ESRI and they said that with the overlapping dartboards the zoom function does not work correctly because it doesn't know which district to zoom to. 


    I would like to see this functionality fixed in the future. When I search an address that is within several boundaries, I want it to still zoom to that address. I understand if I click on results in the side panel it will zoom to that district but when i search another address, the map just sits there and it doesn't zoom to anything. I know people can just click on the district lookup results, but I think for the end user it would be better if it zoomed to the address result like it would if it was only trying to look up one district feature.