Increase the size of the GPS Icon for high resolution mobile devices i.e. GeoXT's

Idea created by dhbpm on Apr 19, 2010
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         The GPS Icon in my new Trimble GeoXT device runnung ArcPad 8 sp3 is significantly smaller than the Trimble device I tested.  I specifically purchased the GeoXT, the ArcPad software and Trimble's GPScorrect to run an application to locate georeferenced unground pipeline data such as welds and pipe bends.  It is so small it gets lost among the data symbols.  This is especially true on bright sunny days.  

         This was of course a complete surprise.  ESRI has noted this as an issue and has assigned it CQ00311081 internally but with no promise on when it will get addressed.   They suggested I post it here. Hope you will support this request.