Ability to Pause and Resume Geoprocessing

Idea created by timmhay on Apr 22, 2017
    • timmhay
    • bixb0012

    Some of the more complex Geoprocessing tasks can take several days to complete, Caching in particular. I think it would a great Idea if we could have a means to Pause and resume these tasks if a higher priority task comes up. Several times now I have had to cancel a task part way through as I needed to complete another task urgently. It is always frustrating when you have restart this from the beginning again. What would be even better is an ability to potentially set the time period for when these tasks can run pause and resume again once outside times of high demand on the source data etc.


    With the caching tool I would see this completing the current tile/tiles the process is on and waiting to start the next in the sequence until the resume or appropriate time is triggered.


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