record animations, play back within a scene or export to file

Idea created by jasunthomas on Apr 22, 2017
    • jasunthomas

    One major thing I believe Google Earth Pro has over the ESRI lineup of products is the capability to record a map tour, navigation or user movement and play it back or export to a separate .mov or .avi file, or sequence of animation frames. This all can be done on their software (Google Earth Pro) for FREE. It does have some faults, but for a free option it is quite capable beyond what anyone else has done with map software or GIS platforms.


    For the cost of what ESRI provides, why not expand on this capability? I am aware of the existing animation tools within ArcGIS Pro desktop, and it is very basic.

    Please explore the tools and abilities within Google Earth Pro for recording animated tours (PLUS integration with 3D Connexion mouse hardware) for fluid, smooth, "organic" motion and enable us to record it. Once a tour is recorded, adding sound would also be a nice touch. Playback within a scene and uploading the package to AGOL would be even nicer without having to save out a video file separately. (again, Google KML format can do this all within GEP. Tours can be shared with others without rendering a large animation file or video).