Make costs more transparent

Idea created by geodoozer on Apr 16, 2017
    • glovacim
    • sch7712
    • geodoozer

    Please make the costs (credits consumed) of operations in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online more transparent.  For instance, add a Calculate Credits button to the Share as Web Layer dialogue wherever costs may be incurred, e.g.:

    share as web layer, tiles dialogue with calculate credits button added

    Presently, Analyze only advises of costs if the operation will exceed my or my organisation's limit.  I would prefer to also know the exact cost, that way if an operation will cost 99% of my credits, I can choose not to proceed.#


    This idea has been marked by Kory Kramer as a Duplicate of GeoEnhancement - credit estimate in ArcGIS Pro.  Please vote for that Idea if you're seeking this functionality in ArcGIS Pro, and make sure to include additional details in the Comments.