ArcGIS Server Command Line utilities Enhancement

Idea created by mmeeks on Apr 13, 2017

    In Composite Locator Services in 10.5 Server, all Primary Table reference data is uploaded to the server.  To refresh the source address data (which happens daily by E911) the Composite Locator has to be Shared as a Service with "Overwrite an existing service" option.  This is extremely manual.  Can you imagine your morning routine to right-click Share As > Geocode Service > Overwrite an existing service?   Then resetting all Parameters, Capabilities, Pooling & Processes.  This is extremely important to our county because addresses are added daily; new subdivisions, parcel splits, mobile home additions, etc.  In 10.2 I used ArcTools / Server Admin Toolbox  to Rebuild all Locators followed by  Start / Stop the service in a nightly python script. Simply Rebuilding Locators followed by Starting & Stopping a service will not refresh the address data in 10.5


    So, in 10.5 I found ArcGIS Server Command Line utilities


    Using DOS, I can Start, Stop, Delete, & Create a service.   I'm asking for the Create a service python script be enhanced to allow a service definition file to overwrite an existing service (maybe a new parameter -O Overwrite).  Currently creating a service requires the service name be unique.  So my only recourse is to use manage service python to Delete the existing Geocode Service then use create service python to re-create.  This isn't a perfect solution because I would have to settle for all the default Parameters, Capabilities, Pooling & Processes.

    Any other solution to keep Geocode services updated nightly with new addresses from E911 would be welcomed.  Yea it's that important!