Allow WAB Widgets to Interact with Each Other

Idea created by greg.nelson on Apr 13, 2017
    • alexander.allan@erm.com_ERM
    • greg.nelson
    • fernie

    It would be great if the widgets in the WAB were able to interact with each other.  This is similar to how the widgets interact in operation dashboard however this I think would also be helpful in WAB.  To be a little more specific I would like to use the select widget select some features and then use the query widget based on that selection or the Attribute widget based on the selection that I made with the select widget.  This could also be reversed use the query widget and then be able to select the results from the query using the select widget.  There are a lot of interactions with the many widgets that are in WAB to say them all but it would be nice to have the option among some of the widgets expectantly the select widget.