Store and Run Assemblies in Geodatabase

Idea created by kirkktx on Apr 19, 2010
     SQL Server allows Assemblies to be stored within a database.

    I would like to do this for geodatabases.  Instead of having editor extensions enforce business rules, I'd like to put assemblies in the geodatabase and handle, for example, OnCreateFeature events.

    An Editor Extension would be offered that loads these assemblies in the OnStartEditing event, which would then allow the assemblies to run on the client.

    Maybe there should also be an option to allow the assemblies to run on the server, within the giomgr.  This would allow business rule to be independent of the editor.  That way rules get enforced regardless of who's editing (arcengine or arcmap).

    In addition to Visual Studio, I think an IDE within ArcCatalog could be offered.  Often DBA's just need simple programs that do things like triggers that populate of fields containing EditDate, and LastEditedBy, etc.

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    TAG: Geodatabase