Story Map - Inconsistent Zoom Behavior

Idea created by elbison on Mar 24, 2017
    • elbison

    Story Map - Inconsistent Zoom Behavior



    Notice when you first get to BP, the issue occurs.  However, the second time through, it behaves normally.


    This has been a major annoyance for over one year in numerous story maps I've made.


    I am not sure the cause (perhaps creation on different screens / resolutions) -- I've re-selected all the maps, ensured maps all have the same extent, I've redone main settings to inherit extent, wipe all by making custom, save and then revert to inherit, etc.  Nothing obvious fixes this issue.


    The only solution might be to delete all the tabs and redo (waste 30 minutes of my time), but I am pretty sure I've done that and the problem has still existed in some story maps.  Is there some way we can fix this, please?


    Here is the public, live story map: