Notifications sent out after a survey is submitted

Idea created by cashemr_lakeingispro on Mar 15, 2017

    It would be great if you were given the ability to have notifications (email, text, etc.) sent out to specific people when a survey is submitted.  I'm aware you could use the geoevent extension as a work around to this issue, but for organizations not currently using ArcGIS server, such as ours, this feature would be a great addition that would really enhance the appeal of using survey123.  We currently are using another website to host a survey we created and then once we have the submissions we geocode them in Arcmap or ArcGIS.  The website we are using has the ability to send out notifications when a survey is submitted, however, if survey123 were to offer that feature it would make much more sense for us to use that so everything is contained in the same ecosystem and the geocoding step is no longer necessary.