Missing ArcGIS Server Tiled Image Finder

Idea created by fellj on Mar 9, 2017
    • geonb_bernie
    • fellj
    • rozekc_washtenaw

    We manage a large number of cached image tiles for various basemaps at our organization. One problem I find is that some areas display the "map data not yet available" when a cached image is missing for a tile. This might occur for a number of reasons. A failed cache tile building or import job, moving an entire cache, or cached extent issues. Regardless of the problem, I find that users contact me about "map data not yet available" tiles before I can find them. There is no real way to identify these with the current software other than using the status.gdb. I would like to propose a geoprocessing tool or rest api python script that would report a tile url (e.g., http://somearcgisserverurl/MapServer/tile/9/423430/242799) that does not have a valid tile image. This could be organized into a report or even a simple map interface displaying regions with missing tiles. This would be more convenient than hunting through an expansive status.gdb list that has grown over months of tile management jobs.