Suggestions for Story Map Tour template

Idea created by Steven.Bowden on Mar 6, 2017
    • Steven.Bowden
    • jacl.settelmaier

    When using the Story Map tour template with the Integrated Layout which displays a tour point image over the top of the map, it would be nice if the template could be enhanced to include a "minimise button" on the image so that the user could hide the full size image from being displayed on top of the map if they wished.  Similar to how the user can hide the image description that appears at the bottom of the image.  This would allow more map area to be displayed and also allow the user the option of showing the full size image or not.


    It would also be good if the 99 tour point limit could be made a configuration parameter in the app configuration screens.  We are trying to use the tour template to create a CCTV viewing application and we are already at about 95 points with more cameras to come.  For us to over come the 99 point limit we would have to download the template, make the change to the template and then host the template ourselves.  This is not our ideal solution.