Preserve GlobalID on Append

Idea created by abenvin03 on Feb 23, 2017

    In our environment we have several databases including a maintenance and a published environment that we replicate data to. Because or maintenance database has feature datasets (edit focused) and our published database has different feature datasets (more consumer focused) we are unable to use geodatabase replication. If data resides in a feature dataset in the source the same feature dataset must exist in the target. Because of this we have been using our own custom replication. In our replication we still want to maintain GlobalIDs in both databases, we do not want them to be recalculated as they are when you append. To maintain the GlobalIDs we have had to add an additional GUID field to our published data that we can map the GlobalID to when we append new records. This works, but it involves extra logic, an extra column and more processing time.


    I recently stumbled across an environment setting in ArcGIS Pro called PreserveGlobalIDs that can be used during an append operation. This seemed quite useful as it could eliminate all the jiggery pokery we are doing now. I tried it out and there seem to be some limitations that make it pretty much useless.


    The documented usage notes are below:


    • This is useful for workflows where the Global ID value for the row is required to stay the same when exporting or appending data.
    • For the Append tool, this environment only applies to enterprise geodatabase data and will only work on data that has a Global ID field with a unique index. If the Global ID field does not have a unique index, the tool may fail. To add a unique index to your Global ID field, you can use the Add Attribute Index geoprocessing tool.



    The problems I have found with this are:

    1) Works only in ArcGIS Pro, this is not available in ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.

    2) Requires a unique index on the GlobalID column.

    •    When you create a layer in ArcGIS Pro or ArcCatalog and add a GlobalID column, the software automatically adds a non-unique index.
    • ArcGIS Desktop does not allow the user to remove the GlobalID index.
    • The GlobalID index is created as non-unique so that versioning can be supported.
    • A manual change to a system generated index is required to use this option. This manual change is in direct violation of rules enforced by other ESRI software.


    I would like to see the preserveGlobalIDs setting supported in ArcGIS Desktop and to also be supported on GlobalID fields with a non-unique index as is created by the ESRI software.