BAO infographics

Idea created by jayrlarsenAZ on Feb 16, 2017
    • FancyFree

    The 5.4 release has some really quite nice features.  The improvements to Infographics is certainly one of them.  However, a few notes:

    1.  The "default" set from the previous release was better.  One of my first tasks was to go an recreate it.

    2.  The resolution of the .PNG file is not quite good enough to make PowerPoint slides out of.  I wish there were PDF or higher-res options.  I have reverted to going to "card view" and doing screen captures.

    3.  The population pyramid option is wonder, something I use constantly.  However, Execs always want an age scale on it, which I have to go create manually, then group with the pic in PowerPoint.  Should be ON or have option to be ON or OFF.

    4.  Why only 1 type of infographic?  We can have many templates, but the only way to invoke them is go in edit mode and set as default?  The drop down should list all templates, or maybe have a Top 10 or something?

    5.  What exactly is happening when we share projects and infographics?  The users get an immediate save dialog...does this mean everybody is always just working on their own local copy?