Set view/camera position and projection in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by cameronorr on Feb 22, 2017

    Currently there is no accurate way to place yourself in a 3D Scene like you could in ArcScene.  This is very important when trying to establish what something looks like from a location.  

    In addition it would be useful if the view projection could be specified - e.g. planar, cylindrical.  Then we could use ArcGIS Pro to create accurate visualisations of developments (buildings, wind farms etc.) and align with 360 photography to create photomontage.


    At the moment the 3D part of ArcGIS Pro is a nice touch but for it to become a useful and accurate visualisation tool it needs these features.  Linking an accurate 3D view with a 2D plan would be hugely powerful.  At the moment we have to rely on using other software which means more data import/export and more time lost.