ArcGIS for Desktop documentation to help check installation and setup parameters prior to installation

Idea created by aizonline on Feb 17, 2017

    Does anyone else feel the need for pre-installation guidance? While the install docs are great, I missed the general guidance on, say, the following questions when installing Desktop for Personal Use (aka. Advanced for install purposes) 10.5:


    • need I uninstall previous version, and if so, do it before or after new install
    • do I need to reinstall License Manager (is it different from previous?)
    • do I need Coordinate system pack (doesn’t ArcMap come with it already?)
    • I use file geodatabase and shape files, so I don’t need data base support?


    I searched Geonet, and perhaps others have similar queries, say, server-side or portal. Oracle and Microsoft for example provide pre-install guides, as their web and server configurations have been quite varied and complex forever it seems.