BAO 5.4 Save Map State (or View)

Idea created by jayrlarsenAZ on Feb 13, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • pmcgill_gsiresearch

    BAO continues to improve consistently, and there were many good changes in the latest 5.4 release.  However, I do notice that "projects" do not save the look or view or state of the map between sessions.  This means that if I have to go in and edit, or just tweak the tiniest thing in a given project, I have to go back into the assets pane and turn on and configure all of my layers and objects!  A needless time-waster, IMHO.


    It seems to be that the previous version did a much better job saving the "state" of a map.


    E.g.:  I make a map with some tracts and a ZIP showing. Now I layer in 2016 pop data and color only the tracts, while putting the ZIP in outline with some special attributes.  I make a PDF or JPEG.  Now, I neeed to come back in, do a tweak, and do another JPEG.  I find upon returning to the project, all my objects deselected.  I have to go turn on everything.  And worse, the custom setup for my 2016 pop layer must be almost re-done.


    Please have some way to save the view of BAO projects.




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