Enhance autocomplete (auto suggest) filtering in Survey123 by adding a "clear" or "x" option for quickly removing the typed expression

Idea created by hyunus-esristaff Employee on Feb 5, 2017
    • hanna_youn
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    • rchasan
    • Problem: The autocomplete (auto suggest) filtering in Survey123 works very well when you are typing. It searches in real time as more letter and words are added to the expression; however, it also does the same thing when backspacing. Basically, it’ll search for the expression whether you are typing or deleting.
    • Why is this a problem? If I have typed a lot of letters and I want to backspace on the string because I misspelled a word or didn’t use the right vowel (in many languages like Arabic, a letter can van have many vowels inherent in the letter itself like أ إ ؤ آ ئ), backspacing becomes very painful. Having a very large number of items in the dropdown list further exacerbates the issue!
    • Possible Solution: Explore the possibility of providing an ‘X’ or ‘clear’ option to yank the expression in a single shot instead of using the backspace? This will really expedite searching for items in dropdown list when an error is made but on top of that, it’ll be an important UI fix.
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