Feature Connectivity

Idea created by Dawinz88 on Jan 27, 2017
    • Dawinz88

    Our organization has been inspecting storm infrastructure in several degrees for many years now. We presently use the Collector App to inspect the existing stormwater asset inventory. Our goal with this particular workflow process is to field data collect the growing stormwater inventory for the Region. I’ve been working with the continuous collection setting in the Collector App since we need this for continuity, asset connectivity, and geometric networks. I see the Collector App can collect a point feature and use the same location to start a line feature, but I do not understand or see how to continue collection back to collecting a point feature in that same flow process to maintain geometric connectivity. Photo8 shows there is no functionality here to collect another feature at the same location as Photo3 shows when originally starting the continuous collection process.This would be immensely helpful to our business needs to be able to do this, if this does not already exist. For an example, The ideal workflow is that I need to field collect a catch basin point (Photo1)and then maintain geometric connectivity in the field by collecting a pipe(Photo2 through Photo6) and then again maintain connectivity in the field and collect another catch basin(Photo7 through Photo8). #This is the simple field collection process, but presently Collector does not enable this to complete the storm system by connecting to a point feature type. We have a large business need to continue this process for an entire storm water system if encountered in the field to truly model the storm water system for inventory. The idea would be to maintain connectivity throughout the storm water system and greatly reduce in office post processing and editing time. See the attached photos of what I’m trying to accomplish as I’ve incorporated them in the above explanation. 

    Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8