Functional Levels in AGO

Idea created by slongtpwd on Jan 11, 2017

    This new idea of Named User "Levels" seems to be missing some forethought or even insight from "real world" users.


    From ESRI site:

    Levels, roles, and privileges—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

    "Organizations use levels to allocate accounts based on the privileges that members need. Members are assigned a level when they are invited to the organization. The level determines which privileges are available to the member. ArcGIS offers two levels of membership.

    Level 1 membership is for members who only need privileges to view content, such as maps and apps, that has been shared with them through the organization, as well as join groups within the organization. Level 2 membership is for members who need to view, create, and share content and own groups, in addition to other tasks."


    There need to be more "Levels".

    For instance, we have hundreds of field staff that would benefit from being able to add points and data to a Collector map, however, they will NEVER publish a map on their own.  They are not "GIS" users.  Which, I think might have been the thought behind the newly provided "Level", however, there is so much more that could have been done in this release to give AGO Organization administrators what they need.


    Level 1: Admin

    Level 2: Publisher

    Level 3: Editor

    Level 4: Viewer

    With each increasing level containing the privileges of the lower level.


    Just a thought.