Line & Point Symbols on mobile apps retain their size instead of scaling down.

Idea created by jkaboaf on Jan 10, 2017

    On tablets and phone screens, point and line symbols get really small and thin as you zoom in.


    For example: when using mobile apps like collector, a point feature is 40 pixels when you're zoomed out. But as you zoom in, the circle shrinks smaller and smaller, until it's the size of a pin. I want map symbols to remain the same size at different scales on tablet screens, as they do on ArcGIS Online. Another example is line weights. A thick line is easy to see when zoomed out, but that same line gets thinner and thinner as you zoom in. I want line features to stay bold and clear at all scales.


    Does anyone else wish features and symbols would not keep scaling down so small as you zoom in? This makes it very difficult to see features, such as hydrants and valves, as you zoom to the large scales, like 1:2400 or larger.


    This is very frustrating, and it would be nice if you could add a setting for users to choose whether to scale symbol sizes down with zoom, or keep them the original size.


    Thanks ~ Jennifer