Wish to be able to turn off Snap Tips In ARCGIS Pro 1.2

Idea created by RJaggiatwork on Jan 9, 2017
    • carlosq1970
    • graeme
    • RJaggiatwork

    Turning off Snap Tips, while leaving Snapping On, does not seem to be possible in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1 (which I am currently using) or earlier versions because these are the only Snapping Options available:

    enter image description here

    In comparison, ArcMap 10.5 has these Snapping Options that would help you, if you were using the older architecture:

    enter image description here

    Unless turning off Snapping in ArcGIS Pro is an option for you, it looks like seeing Snap Tips is unavoidable.

    To have this changed I would recommend that you submit an ArcGIS Idea.