Create a Collector for ArcGIS Web App or Solutions Template

Idea created by johnmdye on Jan 7, 2017
    Partially Implemented
    • johnmdye

    Many organizations such as mine are still on Windows 7 Enterprise and only made that jump after Microsoft announced they would no longer support XP. As a result, we won't be moving to Windows 10 for quite a while, leaving us unable to take advantage of the Windows 10 version of Collector.


    This leaves us with no desktop-style Collector solution. I don't expect Esri to create a .NET Version of Collector that works on Windows 7 (because I've asked several times and been told No each time). However, Esri could create a Collector-style Web Application or Solutions Template that organizations could deploy to their Portals to at least give those organizations some kind of intuitive and simple collection capability from their Desktop systems, taking full advantage of the added real-estate provided by large screens.


    Please create a Collector Web App or Solutions Template for organizations to take advantage of so that we're not left out in the cold when it comes to data collection from the Desktop.


    (Yes, Portal and ArcGIS Online have rudimentary attribute collection capabilities but anyone who would consider that a reasonable comparison to the experience offered by Collector should probably have their head examined.)