Secondary Edit Tool

Idea created by rborchert on Dec 1, 2016
    • rborchert

    I work in Electric Distribution.  Normally while editing my electric system I leave all the land base and other features that do not get edited very often as not selectable so as to not inadvertently move them.  Then occasionally I will need to edit one of those features and or snap to them.


    So I would like to see a second edit tool.  It would act exactly like the original Edit Tool.  Except it will have its own set of customized settings.  


    A separate Snapping Environment

    Its own Selectable settings under List by Selection

    Its own set of Templates


    Both versions of the tool would be able to utilize the same settings but could also be set to one or the other.


    Example. I am updating a clients electric system.  As I go along the client wants me to adjust primaries and facilities to a Buffer around the road so everything is at an equal distance from the road center line. Make it easier to distinguish. I find I am constantly having to turn the snap on and off for the buffer.  That is just one example.  But there are dozens of times I need to change a setting for a little amount of time in order to accomplish a task