Real time coordinates at Coordinate widget

Idea created by bugrabugra on Nov 22, 2016
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    Hello there,


    At ArcGIS Javascript API Coordinate widget, we can add different projection systems. We can select a non-default projection system with the arrow near Coordinate widget but we can not see "on-the-fly" coordinates with new projection system. We are only able to click to target icon and click the map and service calculates the desired coordinates but we can not see the coordinates of mouse movement.


    At Coordinate widget help it says:


    For most spatial references, except WKID 3857 and 4326, you have to click the Enable clicking the map to get coordinates button again to display the coordinates by adding a point on the map. You can also highlight the coordinates and make a copy of them.


    Is it possible to develop an "on the fly" projection transformation for mouse movements?


    A sample video is attached.


    Thank you in advance!