Workforce for ArcGIS Improvements

Idea created by dakota.dorn_FitchburgWI on Nov 16, 2016

    I think it would be really useful to be able to create work orders in the field if you are in a dispatcher role, as well as complete workorders in the office. Sometimes when I am in the field I find something that needs to be a work order, but am then forced to write it down and create it back at the office. The paper trail continues...

    I think it would also be useful to have a print button for the work order for in office use. Not everyone in our field crews has a city phone so print outs are how they get their work from their supervisor. The print out would need to contain both the details of the work and the map, which isn't possible right now.


    Searching for features in the search bar would also be very helpful as opposed to searching for a certain address.


    Notifications of incoming assignments or completions of assignments. I know this is possible when the app is running in the background, but it also drains battery. A better way to receive those or maybe an email would be nice.