Survey123  Form Print To PDF

Idea created by george2016 on Nov 10, 2016

    Is it possible to currently print the data collection form in addition to curating the data in Survey 123   

    The ability to print the data collection form (in addition to uploading/curating the data) is important for the following reasons:


    1. Many types of inspections crossing many specialties and agencies require transmitting the inspection results to citizens and other responsible parties so that they can begin to act on the data for compliance and safety reasons.
    2. The data collection forms are easy to understand and would make a great communications tool.
    3. Survey 123 with signature capture and other features is perfect for conducting inspections.
    4. The data collection forms could be converted to pdf and either emailed or uploaded into other compliance software
    5. With Survey 123 and or Collector in the field doing the heavy lifting it seems a shame to have to then use other software to put collection data into an easily understood communications form (for non gis or computer specialized persons) that Survey and Collector have already created.
    6. There are many other uses for collection form to pdf that would also benefit many other specialties and agencies.



    Thanks to all who developed and implemented Survey 123 for making a game changing product.