Improve Labelling Functionality for Vector Tile Packages

Idea created by Joy.Sinnett_bcgov03 on Oct 14, 2016

    At large scales, when you are zoomed in looking at many small polygons, labelling in Vector Tile Packages is currently not a viable option. Labels overhang small polygons, making it impossible to tell which polygon they apply to (even though I have set the labelling properties to NOT overhang). They overlap one another, and do not stack according to the parameters set in the ArcPro 1.3 project.


    A related problem: In creating a regular raster tile package, a label that should be placed about 3 km to the south appears in a completely unrelated polygon. The problem is repeatable, so I assume it has something to do with the labelling algorithm.  


    I would like to see labelling much improved in the next ArcPro 1.3 release.#arcpro #label placement #vector tile package