"Locate Me" on Crowdsource Reporter

Idea created by lvargas_mcg on Oct 12, 2016
    Already Offered

    The Crowdsource Reporter app is becoming a favorite within my organization, but I seem to get a common request from clients and that would be "Why isn't there a 'Locate Me' button on the map, and how can we get one?"


    With much of the work we are doing, exact locations/coordinates are essential. While we can search for location by typing in an address, they may not be specific enough for our needs (i.e. for county property maintenance, a general park address can be searched but maybe we need to know a specific location for a fallen tree that needs removal along one of the trails). There have been many times where submitters didn't zoom in enough on the map to place their point, which ends up being way off from the intended site.


    A "Locate Me" button would be a tremendous help and could really boost the use of this application!!