ArcMap Comaptibility with USB display drivers

Idea created by helenpickard on Oct 11, 2016

    We have come across a problem with ArcMap crashing on opening an mxd or switching between data and layout view for versions 10.3, 10.3.1, 10.4 and 10.4.1 when using new Dell laptop running Windows 7 x64 with only on-board Intel graphics running the latest Skylake Intel processors (for example the Dell Latitude E5470) connected to a USB docking station running Displaylink drivers.


    We had extensive back and forth with ESRI support and eventually found it was due to ESRI not supporting USB 3 displaylink drivers and having no current plan to do so.


    This will become a serious issue for company in 2017 (and I would think others too?) which is when I am told Dell will be withdrawing the E-port style connection found on all current Latitude models. The only option available after this time will be the use of the USB docking stations. Which will mean no new laptops will be able run ArcMap and use an external monitor. It is the driver that causes the break so just unplugging the external monitor does not allow ArcMap to run. We can potentially look at directly connecting to a monitor but with the trend in fewer ports I'm not sure that will be another display output option (or how long other options will be available for) other than USB is to some sort of adapter.


    We  are a global company and this will affect users of ArcMap in several countries. Surely we are not the only ones about to run into this problem? Can ESRI look at developing support for this, if you are not already?