ArcGIS Online/Collector symbolize data from related table

Idea created by mordinim on Oct 11, 2016
    • mordinim
    • Dennis230279

    I have a feature layer hosted on our ArcGIS for Server and displayed in AGOL that has a related table of data.  It would be ideal to change the map symbol in both AGOL and Collector based on a value(s) from the related table.


    For example, I have crews who currently use ArcGIS Collector in the field to inspect assets and update the status of said assets (New features are created in the desktop environment). There are several Collector "maps" which they use for different types of inspections of the same FC with related tables; when they complete one of the types of inspections I would like for them to change one of the fields in the related table a field from NO to YES and for feature to turn from red to green (in that map) so that they can keep track of what features they have inspected in that "map."  However, because I cannot symbolize my feature by the related table, I must create a static feature class from the FC and the related table.  Thus, the only way to update the FC is to create a new view every time the related table gets updated. I would like to have my crews update the related table and save me the the maintenance of the data.


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