Enable use of ArcGIS Pro without creating a project folder.

Idea created by dwwheelock on Oct 4, 2016

    Please enable use of ArcGIS Pro that doesn't require the creation of a whole project folder and file structure.  Please allow the USER to decide if they want to save.


    MUCH of the time when I use ArcMap I don't intend to save my work.  I often open a new ArcMap window to view data, to test layer symbology for combinations of layers for a map that I'm working on in another window, or to test in a clean environment when I'm having a problem in another map.  I also do it for many other reasons too numerous to mention.  In these cases I either know or suspect that I won't need to save the map, and plan to save only if I need to.  It's a no-brainer.


    So...WHY...when starting up ArcGIS Pro, does ESRI insist that we have to create a whole, messy, space-consuming project folder, complete with File Geodatabase that we may have NO INTENTION of using, before allowing us even to view any data?  Unknown.




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