ArcGIS Pro - Export to Illustrator

Idea created by tyschwartz on Oct 4, 2016
    Partially Implemented

    I noticed that in ArcGIS Pro, we can no longer export to Adobe Illustrator format like we did in ArcMap.  Adobe Illustrator gives ArcMap users the ability to 'fine tune' the cartographic details of a map in a way that no other vector editing software allows, by allowing them to export directly to Adobe Illustrator format. 


    One of the great things about exporting to Adobe Illustrator format is that all of the layers in the Table of Contents are preserved within the Illustrator document.  Once you delete/remove the clipping masks, you could manipulate and select each layer independently of the other.  All the layers are organized in their own groups, and maintained in an organized hierarchy within the Illustrator document.


    With ArcGIS Pro, the export to Illustrator feature was removed.  Outside of trying to understand why this was removed, I think by posting this suggestion, we can highlight the need to have this functionality renewed in ArcGIS Pro.  There may be alternatives, such as exporting as a PDF, or EPS - but unfortunately, these two file types become nearly impossible to work with within Adobe Illustrator. Layer hierarchy is not preserved, and all of the individual features and vector objects are lost within a mess of nested upon nested (upon nested) groups. Additionally, fonts are not properly rendered and preserved when PDF's exported from Pro are imported into Illustrator (mainly, letter spacing issues). The result is the inability for cartographers to change and modify their map outputs in ways that were previously available in ArcMap.  This is a big deal.


    By not bringing forward the Adobe Illustrator export functionality that was present in ArcMap, ESRI is making it extremely difficult to interface map outputs with Adobe Illustrator, and therefore making it very difficult for cartographers to fine tune their maps.  From fine tuning labels, to utilizing Illustrators many transparency options, to incorporating other vector text/charts or graphics-cartographers have many reasons and needs for being able to utilize Illustrator as part of their map production process.


    This suggestion is that ArcGIS Pro should continue the functionality that was present in ArcMap and allow for exporting of Adobe Illustrator files which will allow cartographers to have the ability to continue to create and author beautiful maps using ArcGIS Pro as the mapping platform (instead of having to stay with ArcMap or perhaps ditch ESRI products all together and adopt an alternative mapping solution).  As ArcGIS Pro continues to grow and evolve, cartographers absolutely need to have the export to Illustrator option.


    See ArcGIS Maps for Adobe 2.0 is here! 


    Integration with ArcGIS Pro Adobe Illustrator Exchange (AIX) file - ArcGIS Pro 2.5 introduced a new export format, AIX, that works with the Maps for Adobe extension in IllustratorWhen you open an AIX file in Illustrator, vector and raster map content from the AIX file are converted by the extension into editable, layered artwork for an improved editing experience. Once opened in Illustrator, the file can be used for graphic design or map finishing workflows and accessed across other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 and this version 2.0 of Maps for Adobe to get the best experience with this workflow.