ArcGIS Pro - Copy Path

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Oct 4, 2016

    The Project Pane in ArcGIS Pro has much room for improvement. A simple and effective improvement that would increase productivity would be to right click on a folder (or dataset) and have an option to copy path. 


    I regularly navigate with the project pane and then need to jump out to another application to say read some metadata held in another document. ESRI - believe it or not most of the world still insist on providing metadata in txt/word/pdf/excel... So being able to copy the full path of say the folder makes navigating to it easier. At the moment I am staring at the location I want to be in via the ArcGIS Pro Project Panel but to see the document I need to see I then have to laboriously navigate to it in File Explorer which could be deep in some folder structure. Would be much nicer to simply copy and paste it!