A more unified attachments/relationship class behaviour

Idea created by STEDIN on Oct 3, 2016
    • STEDIN

    Why can't we choose 1:1 for attachments, while we can do this for relations ship classes ?


    In the current situation I cannot file a photo with its metadata (i.e. what the photo is about).


    either I create a table with attachments (but then my users are allowed to add multiple photos to a single record)

    or I can create a table with attachments, delete the relationshipclass and re-create it in 1:1 mode,

    only to find that you are no longer given the option to add an attachment.


    That this simple requirement (collect a photo with its metadata) is not possible infuriates me.


    Our case is that we want to store photo's of a technical installation, documenting several

    parts on several photo's. Hnece the need to record metadata (i.e what it is about) per photo.


    Survey123 seems to fit the bill functionally but storing the data locally and/or getting it's data into our processes is a nightmare, so that one is not feasible as well. 


    *not holding my breath*



    Ronald van Aalst