Capability to arrange the place of widgets in Web AppBuilder 

Idea created by yuki_todaesrij-esridist Employee on Sep 15, 2016
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    That would be beautiful user interface if widgets in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS can be moved by drag&drop. The current specification is that the place of widget is permanently fixed once it is configured. They cannnot be arranged as well.

    My customer encountered the experience that he made a widget at No.1 placeholder on the controller and added two more widgets. Then he deleted the first one. There is a strange blank space in the app where he deleted the widget. 

    By adding the capability to WAB, in addition to looking-nicer user interface, arranging the place of widgets will enrich usability for end users. 

    I actually talked to him about this idea with my colleagues, and we think it is worth posting this idea here in ArcGIS Ideas.

    I appreciate your votes!