Auto Re-Numbering "from" and "to" points

Idea created by nvsurveyor on Sep 13, 2016
    • nvsurveyor

    When you open an un-joined parcel in parcel explorer to edit, specifically to add courses to the parcel. You can insert a new row for any additional courses you wish to add in the parcel details window. However when you accomplish this the "from" and "to" points have to be renumbered manually. This becomes somewhat of an intensive edit process when you have many courses (50, 100 or more) in the parcel. Especially when you may be editing and adding courses at say course number 12 or 30 and you may have a total number of 100 courses. In the time it takes to re-number the courses you could probably just re-enter the entire set of courses to get the sequential course numbering that is more desirable. The problem with re-entering the entire set of courses, it is time consuming and could also result in input error by missing a course (this has happened to me, we never get interruptions while working, not). It would be extremely helpful if there was a means to select auto renumber for the "from" and "to" points after editing and adding or deleting courses (same problem).