Publish a webmap to a user without an ArcGIS License

Idea created by lugitsch on Sep 6, 2016
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    I need to publish a webmap created in ArcGIS to a customer who'll never use GIS (in terms of creating features, maps or anything else) which is NOT public.

    We can create data, we can analyze data, we can create maps, scenes and presentations but we can't publish it to a specific customer.

    ArcGIS Online developed into a very useful tool for us, but without a publishing function something essential is missing!

    To make ArcGIS Online complemented this final part of a workflow has to be implemented.


    We create data and maps for customers and give it to them in PDF and printed maps. If we provide it also as a webmap, we have an advantage to all who aren't using GIS but CAD!


    Thank you