ArcGIS Pro 3d View

Idea created by brianwhitecadres on Aug 28, 2016
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    We have found a problem with the dispaly of 3d scenes in ArcGIS Pro v1.3, as shown in the attached, where the resolution changes dramatically as we move into the background. It is not done as a transition so the effect is very obvious and renders the output unusable. This has been raised with support and we have been advised:


    "The problem is that in a perspective view of the data, like this, the data "further away" is displayed at a lower resolution than the data in the foreground.  This means that the pixels are a larger size in the background, and when the lines of the roads and the railroad tracks are draped over the surface, the lines expand to the same resolution as the image.  Removing the elevation surface from the scene does downsize the pixels that are "off in the distance" so that the line features do not appear as spread out. This issue also involves a potential impact on Scene performance.  If the imagery and data for the entire Scene is presented at the same resolution as the foreground, draw time will be greatly increased."


    An enhancement request has been generated but we have been advised by ESRI to log this as an idea to get it fixed faster.


    Currently the work around to solve this is to remove the elevation surface but this seems counter-intuative for a 3d scene, does not then represent the terrain, and does not completely fix the display.


    I understand the theory behind what ESRI are doing for performance but it is just not done very well. We have not seen this issue in older technology such as ArcGlobe or ArcScene.