ArcGIS Server License/Feature Simplification

Idea created by loganggise on Apr 9, 2010
    Please simply the licensing / capabilities for ArcGIS Server and this time take into account us private companies.
    Unlike many municipalities and agencies, private engineering/planning firms don't get government discounts yet they have to maintain, for the most part, much larger datasets.  Counties, cities, and water management districts only have to maintain data sets for 1-10 counties, however an engineering firm has to maintain data for every single county they are to do business in and have to serve data to both CAD (AutoCAD and Microstation) and GIS clients.  To do this only ArcGIS Enterprise will do, but the associated costs are nearly inpossible to recover much less justify for the average small-medium AEC firm.  It's something that they just can't bill their clients for.

    ArcGIS Server licensing makes sense from the government standpoint, but for your average AEC firm, who only needs SDE data storage and delivery, why can't we use PostgreSQL and unlimited databases?

    It makes more sense to re-align this way:

    ArcGIS Server Advanced
    •           All the features
    •           Support Internet facing applications
    •           Unlimited database sizes
    ArcGIS Server Standard
    •           Unlimited database
    •           PostgreSQL
    •           No silly same-server DBMS/ArcSDE install rule
    •           5-concurrent clients free, charge for more (reasonably)
    •           No Internet facing use
    •           Web services limited to basic needs (zoom, layer control, select, print)
    •           No Web Editing
    •           No web-based spatial analysis
    •           Access from AutoCAD / Microstation......